Personal Training

Personal Trainers Julia and Simon Hunt strive to make fitness accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Fitness is a lifestyle and everyone’s lifestyle is different, with this in mind, we will individually tailor your fitness training to meet your specific needs and to fit in with your way of life.

We will help you achieve your fitness goals faster than you ever thought possible! We use tried and tested techniques to get the results you have always wanted.


We can help if you are having the following problems
• You have never been able to stick to an exercise routine
• You have been trying a new diet every few months and always end up back at the same weight
• You are tired of doing the same old workout and getting nowhere
• You lack motivation and commitment to achieving your goals
• You feel you have no time to exercise
• You don’t know where to start or what to do
• You end up getting injuries when you exercise or are recovering from an injury
• You feel that exercise is not for you
• You feel self conscious about training
• You feel you have reached a plateau in your training
• You have health issues that ‘YOU FEEL’ restrict your ability to exercise
• Your doctor has recommended you start an exercise/diet programme
• You wish to try something different.
• You are training / exercising for a specific event ( sporting or social )

Well here’s great news for you, by reading the above, you have already taken that first step on the right path to your success. With help, support, and professional advice from us, you will remain on the shortest and most enjoyable route to achieving your goals!

You are on the right path so stay on it – contact us now to find out more about how we can help you!