I have started 1-1 training with Simon & find his enthusiasm & approach to me achieving my goal so motivating. I finally feel like I’ve found someone who wants to see me be the best I can be.
I couldn’t recommend Simon & Julia enough.
        Jonathan Higginson _  March 2018

I started training with Julia in autumn 2014.  She was recommended by a mutual friend when I mentioned I would like to learn Pilates but was too scared to go to a gym class.  I have had lower back issues and a weak core for years, Pilates was an obvious thing to try but I needed the confidence to start and had been seeking someone to teach me.  Julia and her husband have a well-equipped gym studio in their own home and she has been a patient and knowledgeable teacher.  From learning the basic principles, we have worked to improve my core stability, posture and simple awareness of what my muscles are doing (and not doing!).  As she has got to know me better and I’ve improved, we have been able to adapt my sessions to focus on particular areas which need work, as well as regular stretching and toning.  The joy of one-to-one training is having the freedom to do this: it is totally focussed on your needs, whatever they are and however they evolve.  To find someone providing this level of professional and personalised training locally has been fantastic. 

Julia is incredibly versatile, she teaches a wide range of classes to all ages and abilities, from school kids to older people and everyone in between, as well as providing personal training.  I would feel confident recommending her whatever your reasons for wanting to exercise: weight loss, fitness, improving flexibility or just for fun and general wellbeing.  The studio has plenty of cardio equipment and weights, plus matts and swiss balls etc for core work.  Julia can also give sports massage and she regularly spends part of my sessions using these techniques to help loosen off my more stubborn muscles so I can vouch for her excellent knowledge of anatomy and musculoskeletal issues.  She matches any physio or osteopath I’ve seen for this – and I’ve seen a few!  She is kind and encouraging but also very motivational and will help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they are.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a trainer.

          Caroline Clarke , Feb 2018

Finding a good personal trainer or physiotherapist is not easy and being a competitive triathlete I have had experience with both good and bad ones. I can honestly say that Julia is one of the best I have worked with and I have a complete trust in her. She really helped me through a period of injury and her knowledge, experience and dedication to her work are second to none. I would strongly recommend Julia to anybody, whether a professional athlete or an amateur, looking for professional treatment or personal training.


                             Mike Kazimierski, May 2011
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If you would seen me 8 months ago and put “old me” next to me now, you probably would not recognise me. I was recommended to Julia by a work colleague for physio as I had just started training after a 5 year lay off to lose weight and put some muscles back on and of course almost straight away I hurt my shoulder by over training and by using poor technique in the gym. Not only did Julia sort out my shoulder within a few weeks, she also gave me advice on nutrition, a diet sheet to fill in and a new personal training plan. Her advice seemed really sound all the more because Julia has competed in bodybuilding shows in the fitness physique category at world class level and so she really knew what she was talking about when it came to training and eating the right food. I have lost about 50 pounds in weight following Julia’s advice and I feel great. I see Julia regularly for physio and personal training and she is really good at keeping me motivated. She really is a ‘one stop shop’, well qualified and a very pleasant person to be ‘looked after’ by. Julia’s experience and her many qualifications really can help you to achieve your goals and also importantly keep you there. She is without doubt the best PT I’ve ever used and I would heartily recommend her to anyone.


                             Angus Newton, June 2011
Managing Director

Three years ago we decided that we needed to change our lifestyle when Gary was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He decided he didn’t want to take tablets so we embarked on a ‘get fit’ regime’. We were already going to classes that were being run by Julia and were always encouraged by her enthusiasm; so we decided that we would benefit from having one to one time with her. Fortunately after a few months Gary’s blood pressure dropped as did both our weight and he never did need to take tablets!

We now train once a week with Simon and also continue to go to Julia’s classes, we are always amazed that they manage to vary routines each week, constantly challenging us with new pieces of equipment.

We would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who is wishing to make a life style change or to increase their fitness.


                             Julie & Gary Brown, June 2011