Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

Your first step to recovery and rehabilitation

 Sports Therapy is the most effective way to recover from debilitating injury, no matter whether you’re a full time athlete or simply an occasional Gym user. It utilises the principles of sport and exercise sciences incorporating physiological and pathological processes to prepare the participant for training, competition and where applicable, work.

Taking care of someone who has experienced pain through sports related activity, is more than applying a few bandages or a brace. It involves skilled hands-on evaluation and appropriate diagnostic testing to determine the best overall plan of care, on an individual basis.

By utilising a wide range of treatments and techniques, including structured exercise, massage, pain treatment and thorough consultation of an individual’s physical history; I can devise a tailored programme of therapy to aid speedy recovery following injury. Recovery is thus achieved in a whole body approach.

Structured exercise plays a decisive role post injury in pain management, healing and the rehabilitation of muscles, ligaments, joints and bone injuries. Sports therapy however, can have other benefits. To achieve the body image you desire takes more than just exercise. Julia can advise on dietary plans, exercise regimes, training techniques and will formulate a structured fitness programme just for you. The emphasis is very much on reaching realistic, genuinely achievable goals. The results can be amazing!

Typical Injuries Treated are:
• Back and neck problems
• Sports and soft tissue injuries
• Joint Problems
• RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries)
• Work related strains/ injuries
• Postural dysfunction
• Fractures and post-surgical conditions

Comprehensive Treatment Consists of: 
• Consultation, Examination and Assessment
• Productive Rehabilitation leading to full recovery (or as full as possible, given any individual limitations)
• Constructive Advise

The initial consultation, examination and assessment determines the appropriate course of action. A multifaceted rehabilitation programme is then designed to target individual requirements. Various techniques will be incorporated into the programme. Some of these are as follows:

Manual Therapy Techniques
• Mobilisation
• Massage
• Other soft tissue techniques

Other Methods
• Taping/ strapping
• Biomechanical Analysis
• Stretching and Flexibility
• Muscle Balance Correction
• Gradual Strengthening Programmes